Research Fields - Experimental Condensed Matter

Research Fields - Experimental Condensed Matter
Experimental Condensed Matter

The Condensed Matter Department is engaged in research on the wide variety of subjects. It includes collective phenomena in highly correlated electronic systems such as oxide interfaces, high temperature, superconductors, topological insulators, mesoscopic and nanometric devices. 


The behavior of different physical systems under extreme conditions is studied such as very high magnetic fields, ultralow temperatures, high pressure and the impact of powerful ultra-short laser pulses. In yet another venue, physical properties of soft matter, biological systems are investigated using unique X-ray equipment, and the collective dynamical behavior of bacteria colonies.




Shimshon Bar-AdRoy Beck- Barkai, Moshe Ben ShalomReuven Chen*, Yoram Dagan, Guy Deutscher*, Alexander GerberAbraham Katzir*, Yoav LahiniAlexander Palevski, Yael RoichmanRalph Rosenbaum*, Haim SuchowskiAlexander Voronel*




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