Prof. Shimshon Bar-Ad

חוג לפיזיקה ואסטרונומיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Shimshon Bar-Ad
Phone: 03-6406178
Another phone: 03-6406530
Fax: 03-6429306
Office: Shenkar Physics, 416


The group of Prof. Shimshon Barad is conducting experimental research in several sub-fields of modern optics, including nonlinear optics, quantum optics, ultrafast optical spectroscopy, and optical characterization of magnetic systems. At present the research in nonlinear optics focuses on the fluid-like propagation of light in self-defocusing nonlinear media, and the possibility of using this analogy to hydrodynamics to construct an all-optical analog event horizon and demonstrate analogs of Hawking radiation. This research is carried out in collaboration with the theory group of Prof. Victor Fleurov. The research in quantum optics, carried out in collaboration with the theory group of Prof. Lev Vaidman, involves weak measurements that demonstrate "which path" paradoxes in nested interferometers. The optically-induced insulator-metal phase transition in vanadium oxide is studied in collaboration with the group of Dr. Alon Bahabad at the School of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University, and the group of Prof. Ivan K. Schuller at the Department of Physics at the University of California, San Diego. The studies of magnetic systems are also carried out in collaboration with Prof. Schuller’s group, and focus on dense arrays of interacting magnetic nano-dots.


  • BSc, Physics and Math, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1983

  • MSc, Physics, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, 1989

  • PhD, Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, 1994

Academic Appointments

  • Physicist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, 1995-1997

  • Senior Lecturer in Physics, Tel Aviv University, 1997-2007

  • Associate Professor in Physics, Tel Aviv University, 2007-Today

  • Guest Faculty (on sabbatical), University of California San Diego, 2009-2010

Awards and Prizes

  • Eshkol scholarship, 1992-1993

  • PhD prize of the Wolf Foundation, 1993

  • Rothschild post-doctoral fellowship, 1993-1994

  • Alon Fellowship, 1997-2000

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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