Research Fields - Theoretical Particle Physics

updated: 01.11.2021

Research Fields - Theoretical Particle Physics
Theoretical Particle Physics

Theoretical research in particle physics employs mathematical and calculational methods to study the basic laws of physics. A combination of theoretical and experimental research several decades ago led to the formulation of a single quantum theory known as the standard model that characterizes fundamental electrical, magnetic and nuclear interactions. Despite the standard model’s great successes, it is only part of a more fundamental theory known as the "new physics" that is valid at even higher energies. Theoretical research in the Department of Particle Physics covers the study of the standard model, development of new physics theories and mathematical applications, string theory and quantum theories of gravity, as well as cosmology and the evolution of the universe. In addition, theorists work with experimentalists on the design of new measurements and on theoretical interpretation of experimental results.




Naftali Auerbach*, Leonid Frankfurt*, Michael GellerLawrence Horwitz*, David Horn*, Nissan Itzhaki, Marek Karliner, Evgeny Levin*, Benni ReznikShmuel Nussinov*, Yaron Oz, Amit SeverJacob Sonnenschein*, Benjamin Svetitsky, Tomer Volansky, Shimon Yankielowicz*.




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