Prof. Leonid Frankfurt

חוג לפיזיקה ואסטרונומיה אמריטוס
Prof. Leonid Frankfurt
Phone: 03-6407735
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Office: Shenkar Physics


  • Investigation of the structure of the short-range correlations in nuclei. Finding the effective ways of observing these correlations in hard high energy processes and predicting the basic features of these processes. A number of our predictions were confirmed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA) and Thomas Jefferson National Acceleration facility (USA). 

  • Hard diffractive processes in ep(eA) scattering. Derivation of QCD factorization theorems in  terms of  generalized parton distributions (GPDs) of a target , establishing basic properties of GPDs including their evolution with momentum transfer, derivation of  the  formulae for the dispersion of fluctuations of gluon parton distributions in a proton. Derived formulae givethe explanation of  HERA(DESY, Hamburg) data  on diffractive vector meson electroproduction..

  • Multi jet production in pp and pA collisions at LHC. Derivation of  cross section  in terms of generalized parton distributions, account of nontrivial evolution with momentum of jets , evaluation of  cross section of 4 jet production. 

  • Hadron0nucleus  interactions at high energies.  Suggestion of the theory of fluctuations of strengths of interaction  in the scattering process. Prediction and  the observation of color transparency of nuclei at FNAL  in pion-nucleus collisions  and  observation of both color transparency and color opacity in pA collisions at LHC. 

  • Nuclear shadowing of nuclear parton distributions probed in eA collisions in DIS regime.  Derivation of basic formulae. Observed at FNAL(Chicago).

  • Fluctuations of NN interaction and  the EMC effect.  Related effects were  recently observed at the  LHC . 

  • Ultraperipheral AA collisions at energies of LHC and derivation of basic   formulae for hard diffractive processes including diffractive photo production of vector mesons   off nuclear target .Observed at LHC and substitutes eA collider for 10 years..

  • Some problems of the physics of cold gases  and the theory of core of neutron stars.


  • Leningrad university, 1958-1964    

  • M.S. in Theoretical Physics, Leningrad University, 1964      

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics,  A. F. Joffe Physical-Technical Institute of Leningrad, 1968

  • Professor Habilitatus degree in theoretical physics, St Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1981 

Academic Appointments

  • Junior Member of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of A.F. Joffe Physical-Technical Institute of Saint Petersburg, 1965-1970

  • Research Associate, 1971-1975 

  • Senior Member, 1976-1986 

  • Leading Member of Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics, Gatchina, 1986-1992

  • Visiting Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, 1990-1991

  • Visiting Professor, Michigan State University at East Lansing, USA, 1991-1992 

  • Visiting Professor, University of Washington at Seattle, USA, 1992-1993 

  • Professor, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 1993-Present

  • Eminent Visiting Professor, RIKEN Institute, Japan, 2003, 2004

Awards and Prizes

  • Y.Neeman Chair in Theoretical Nuclear Physics, 2000-2012

  • Humbold prize, 2000

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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