Regulations for Submitting PhD Thesis

updated: 17.09.2018


The research student will submit his or her PhD thesis during the fifth year from the date of acceptance to PhD studies.

During studies, the student will complete 7 credit hours:

  • The student is required to successfully complete two courses equivalent to 6 credit hours.

  • The student will participate in one department seminar that grants one credit hour. As part of the seminar requirements, the student will present a lecture on his or her field of research and will receive authorization from the person in charge of the seminar. 


The student must submit four hard copies and one digital copy of the PhD thesis to the research student office, as follows:

  • The thesis must include the background material for the research, and the results of the research

  • The thesis must be written as an independent paper, and include all of the material relevant to understanding the research question

  • The thesis must be legible and clear, and must be edited

  • Font - Times New Roman, size 11

  • Number of pages - up to 150



Form of Paper:



The paper must be bound. The content of the first and last pages must also appear on the front and back cover, in Hebrew and English, as they appear in the paper.


The cover page must include:

  • School of Physics and Astronomy and Tel Aviv University logo

  • Title of paper

  • The sentence: Thesis submitted toward PhD

  • Name of student

  • The sentence: Submitted to the Senate of Tel Aviv University

  • Name of advisor


The second page must include the sentence:

This thesis was written under the guidance of (name of advisor/s).


The following pages will include, in this order:

  • Abstract

  • Table of Contents  

  • Introduction

  • Body of paper


Back of paper: Text in Hebrew

First and second page, abstract and table of contents will be translated into Hebrew, and will appear on the other side of the paper, after the binding in Hebrew.


Printing instructions:

  • According to the regulations of the academic secretariat, a PhD research student receiving a stipend is entitled to financial aid for expenses for printing his or her PhD.

  • The university allows students to print up to ten copies. The student should contact the university print shop (located in the basement of the main library) at telephone 03.640.8485 to set up an appointment. At the same time, the student should contact the research student office at telephone 03.640.8161 and request that authorization be forwarded to the print shop.

  • Four copies will be printed at first. The rest of the copies will be printed after corrections have been made.

  • The thesis is to be printed on A4 paper.


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