Admissions Requirements & Study Framework - Regular Program

updated: 17.09.2018

Admissions to the Regular PhD Track


Admission to the regular PhD track in the School of Physics and Astronomy is open to students who comply with the following:

  1. MA in Physics with a final minimum grade of 80.

  2. Minimum final grade of 85 on the MA thesis.

  3. Minimum final grade of 85 on the MA proficiency exam.

  4. Has a faculty member who has agreed to act as advisor, as approved by the division research students committee.


Candidates with diplomas from abroad will be directed to the Registrations Office. Based on the office's assessment, the division committee will decide whether or not to grant the candidate an interview. Candidates will be required to comply with admissions requirements determined by the division research student committee for the School of Astronomy and Physics. The division committee is entitled to demand that students with an MA degree from a university (in Israel or abroad) whose MA program is different from the TAU program, or that candidates with MA degrees in a research field different from their PhD research field, successfully complete two relevant courses as a condition of admission to the PhD program.


Students with an MA degree who do not comply with the above may be accepted as candidates for the PhD program, for a period that will last no longer than 12 months. The division research student committee will determine admissions requirements on an individual basis.


In cases of outstanding academic achievements or unique research studies, the committee may consider accepting students with grades lower than those cited in items 1, 2, and 3, and may present their decision to the university committee for approval.


Studies in the Regular Track

  1. The student must submit a research proposal, approved by his or her advisor, within 18 months of acceptance to the program.

  2. The student must take an exam based on his or her research proposal. The examining committee will include the student's advisor and three faculty members who are authorized to advise research students. The research proposal exam will assess the student's general knowledge of physics. The scope and feasibility of the research will be evaluated.

  3. The examining committee will forward its recommendation to the division committee for a decision.

  4. After the division committee and the university committee approve the research proposal, the student will be accepted as a stage 2 research student.

  5. The student must submit a progress report 18 months after advancing to stage 2. The report will be forwarded to the division committee. If during this period the student has published an article in which he or she is listed as the first author, the article may be submitted instead of a progress report. 


Requirements during Studies: Courses and Supervision

  1. The student must participate in seven credit hours of advanced courses offered in the school. The seven hours must include one research seminar, during which the student must give a lecture on his research topic.

  2. Once the student's research proposal has been approved, the student has one year to complete the required number of courses, except for the research seminar. 

  3. The student must comply with supervision requirements as determined by the advisor.


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