Mandatory Safety Courses

updated: 17.09.2018


The faculty safety program for research students includes an online safety course and a first aid course. The first aid course is usually offered on one of the Fridays in December or January. Exact dates are posted at the beginning of the academic year.


All Faculty Students

All faculty research students are required to attend a lecture on first aid, once during the first year of their studies.

Course number: 0300.5001


Students Working on Theoretical Research

Students working on theoretical research will complete an online course every year (as required by law) on the topic of electricity and fire safety.

Course number: 0300.5000 (Safety and Electricity)


Students Working on Research in Labs and/or Lab Guides

(New lab guides are required to complete the online safety course during the first week of the academic year.)

Students working on research in labs and/or lab guides are required to complete an online safety course every year (required by law).These students will learn safety procedures regarding the dangers of electricity and fire safety, safe handling of gas cylinders and hazardous materials.

Course number: 0300.5000 (Safety and Electricity)


Students working with lasers and radiation will receive additional safety training.


Please note:

  1. The student must pass the online safety course.

  2. The student must attend the First Aid course and sign the attendance sheet during the lecture.


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