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Papers in scientific journals:


  1. Protonium two-meson annihilation, Y. Dothan, H. Harari, H. Goldberg, and Y. Ne'eman, Phys. Lett. 1 (1962) 308–10.
  2. Reduction of a triple product of octets, Y. Dothan and H. Harari, Nuovo Cim. Suppl. 3 (1965) 48–99.
  3. Discussion of a 3/2 octet, Y. Dothan, H. Harari, and S. Nussinov, Nuovo Cim. 27 (1963) 553–5.
  4. Unitary parity, Y. Dothan, Nuovo Cim. 30 (1964) 399–405.
  5. Processes forbidden by the G2 symmetry, Y. Dothan and H. Harari, Nuovo Cim. 32 (1964) 498–9.
  6. Diffraction patterns for inelastic elementary particle processes, A. Dar, M. Kugler, Y. Dothan, and S. Nussinov, Phys. Rev. Lett. 12 (1964) 82–3.
  7. Diffraction patterns for elastic scattering of elementary particles, A. Dar, M. Kugler, Y. Dothan, and S. Nussinov, Phys. Lett. 11 (1964) 265–6.
  8. Spin tests for the Ω particle, Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. 137 (1965) B637–41.
  9. Series of hadron energy levels as representations of non-compact groups, Y. Dothan, M. Gell-Mann, and Y. Ne'eman, Phys. Lett. 17 (1965) 148–51. Reprinted inDynamical groups and spectrum generating algebras, ed. A. Bohm, Y. Ne'eman and A.O. Barut (World Scientific, Singapore, 1988).
  10. Self-consistent determination of coupling shifts in broken SU(3), R. F. Dashen, Y. Dothan, S. C. Frautschi, and D. M. Sharp, Phys. Rev. 143 (1966) 1185–90.
  11. Self-consistent determination of coupling shifts in broken SU(3) II, Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. 151 (1966) 1127–58.
  12. Low energy theorem for the axial vector vertex, S. L. Adler and Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. 151 (1966) 1267–77.
  13. Interference effects in the radiative decay of coherently excited states, M. Bixon, Y. Dothan, and J. Jortner, Mol. Phys. 17 (1969) 109–26.
  14. Two overlapping resonances — production and decay in S matrix theory, Y. Dothan and D. Horn, Phys. Rev. D 1 (1970) 916–25.
  15. Electromagnetic mass difference and the Yennie gauge, Y. Dothan and Z. Grossman, Lett. Nuovo Cim. 3 (1970) 604–7.
  16. Finite-dimensional spectrum-generating algebras, Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. D 2 (1970) 2944–54.
  17. Infinitesimal invariance transformations, Y. Dothan, Nuovo Cim. 11A (1972) 499–509.
  18. Generalization of the Coleman and Goldstone theorems, Y. Dothan and E. Gal-Ezer, Nuovo Cim. 12A (1972) 465–79.
  19. Note on mass enhancements and the Goldstone-pair mechanism, Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. D 12 (1975) 2844–50.
  20. Overlapping resonances in e+e annihilation, Y. Dothan and D. Horn, Nucl. Phys. B114 (1976) 400–12.
  21. Finite integration range for zero modes, Y. Dothan and H. Neuberger, Phys. Rev. D 21 (1980) 3459–61.
  22. Evaluation of an incompletely measured spin density matrix, S. Dagan and Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. D 26 (1982) 248–60.
  23. Geometric fermions, T. Banks, Y. Dothan, and D. Horn, Phys. Lett. 117B (1982) 413–7.
  24. Linear symmetric quark theories of baryon magnetic moments, Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. D 27 (1983) 2139–44.
  25. Baryons as quarks in a Skyrmion bubble, L. C. Biedenharn, Y. Dothan, and A. Stern, Phys. Lett. 146B (1984) 289–93.
  26. Rotational–vibrational coupling in the Skyrme-soliton model for baryons, L. C. Biedenharn, Y. Dothan, and M. Tarlini, Phys. Rev. D 31 (1985) 649–51.
  27. Old models never die: the revival of the Skyrme model, Y. Dothan and L. C. Biedenharn, Comments Nucl. Part. Phys. 17 (1987) 63.
  28. A calculation of the deuteron as a biskyrmion, A. J. Schramm, Y. Dothan, and L.C. Biedenharn, Phys. Lett. B 205 (1988) 151–5.
  29. Parity invariant solution in the B = 2 sector of the SU(3)f Skyrme model, G. Gat and Y. Dothan, Phys. Rev. D 39 (1989) 982–984.



Conference proceedings and book chapters:


  1. Band spectra generated by non-compact algebra, Y. Dothan and Y. Ne'eman, 2nd Topical Conference on Resonant Particles, Athens, Ohio, 1965. Published in proceedings, ed. B. A. Munir (Ohio Univ., 1965), pp. 17–32.

  2. Introduction to recent developments in Regge pole theory, Y. Dothan, 7th Internationale Universitatswoche fur Kernphysik der Karl Franzens Universitat Graz, Schladming, Austria. Acta Phys. Austriaca Suppl. (1968) 126–60.

  3. Current algebra and weak interactions, Y. Dothan, 4th Finnish Summer School in Theoretical Physics, Liperi, Finland, 1968. Published in Topics in Theoretical Physics, ed. D. O. Riska (Gordon and Breach, 1969), pp. 35–71.

  4. Linear spectrum-generating algebras, Y. Dothan, XV Int. Conf. on High Energy Physics, Kiev, August 1970. Published in proceedings, ed. V. Shelest et al.(Naukova Dumka, 1972), p. 729.

  5. Instantons in one-dimensional quantum mechanics, Y. Dothan and H. Neuberger, talk delivered at Primer Simposio de Fisica, UNAM–Univ. Tel Aviv, Mexico, Sept. 1978. Abstract p. 10.

  6. Quark magnetic moments, Y. Dothan, 10th Int. Conf. On Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, Canterbury, UK, 31 Aug.–4 Sept. 1981. Published in Physica114A (1982) 216–20.

  7. A hybrid model for baryons, L. C. Biedenharn, Y. Dothan, and A. Stern, presented by A. Stern at the Conference on the Intersections between Particle and Nuclear Physics, Steamboat Springs, CO, May 1984. Published in proceedings, ed. R. E. Mischke (AIP Conference Proceedings v. 123, 1984).

  8. Monopolar harmonics in SU(3)f as eigenstates of the Skyrme–Witten model for baryons, L. C. Biedenharn and Y. Dothan, in From SU(3) to Gravity: Festschrift in Honor of Yuval Ne'eman, ed. E. Gotsman and G. Tauber (Cambridge University Press, 1985), pp. 15–34.

  9. Poincaré's work on the magnetic monopole and its generalization to present-day theoretical physics, L. C. Biedenharn and Y. Dothan, in Differential topology–geometry and related fields, and their applications to the physical sciences and engineering, Teubner-Texte Math. v. 76 (Teubner, Leipzig, 1985).

  10. Some consequences of the BWZW anomaly for SU(3) Skyrmions, L. C. Biedenharn and Y. Dothan, Symposium on Anomalies, Geometry, Topology, Argonne Nat. Lab., March 1985. Published in proceedings, ed. W. A. Bardeen and A. R. White (World Scientific, Singapore, 1985), pp. 504–6.





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