Tomer Markovich has been awarded the prestigious Blavatnik Fellowship

The Fellowship will allow Tomer to pursue his post-doctorate studies at Cambridge University

Tomer Markovich has been awarded the prestigious Blavatnik Fellowship

Tomer is finishing his PhD in theoretical condensed matter physics at the School of Physics and Astronomy. Together with his supervisor, Prof. David Andelman, Tomer studies electrostatic and thermodynamic properties of ions in solution.


Electrostatic interactions are a key ingredient in all biological systems as these systems contain various ionic species solubilized in water. Other important applications are in the area of electrochemistry and include batteries, fuel cells, super-capacitors and more.


In his research, Tomer studies important corrections to the classical statistical mechanic theory of ions in solution, using methods borrowed from quantum field theory.


His main objective is to explore how additional short-range non-electrostatic interactions affect ions dispersed in these aqueous solutions. As part of his thesis, Tomer sheds new light on a 125-years old puzzle called after the German scientist Hofmeister, and offers an elegant explanation of the way ions behave in bulk solutions and close to interfaces.


The Blavatnik Postdoctoral Research Fellowship enables young Israeli scientists of outstanding ability to pursue their research at the University of Cambridge, UK, while fostering a scholarly exchange and greater understanding between researchers in Britain and in Israel.


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