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    List of Publications:


    1. G.E. Tauber,
      A Geometrical Approach to Cosmology,
       Astrophysics and Space Science 145, 157 (1988).
    2. G.E. Tauber,
      Canonical Formalism and Equations of Motion for a Spinning Particle in General Relativity,
      International Journal of Theoretical Physics 27, 335 (1998)
    3. N. Rosen; G.E. Tauber,
      Vector-Spinor space and Field Equations,
      Foundations of Physics 17, 63 (1987)
    4. G.E. Tauber,
      Gravitational Waves in an Expanding Universe,
      Foundation of Physics 14, 1169 (1984)
    5. N. Rosen; G.E. Tauber,
      A Geometric Foundation for a Unified Field Theory,
      Foundation of Physics 14, 171 (1984)
    6. N. Rosen; G.E. Tauber,
      A Geometrical Foundation of a Unified Field Theory,
      Lecture notes in Physics 176, 301 (1983)
    7. Y. Feldman; G.E. Tauber,
      The Internal State of a Gas of Particles with Spin,
      General Relativity and Gravitation 12, 837 (1980)
    8. G.E. Tauber,
      Classification of Bianchi Cosmologies in Conformal Flat Space-Times,
      International Journal of Theoretical Physics 18, 371 (1979)
    9. G.E. Tauber,
      Expanding Universe with Bulk and Shear Viscosity in Conformally Flat Coordinates,
      Astrophysics and Space Science 57, 163 (1978)
    10. G.E. Tauber,
      Sugawara Model in General Relativity. A. Case for 3-current Vectors (su(2)),
      International Journal of Theoretical Physics 11, 175-185 (1974)
    11. G. Shaviv; G.E. Tauber,
      Implosions and Emplosions in Supermassive Objects,
      Astrophysics and Space Science 14, 396 (1971)
    12. A. Kovetz; G.E. Tauber,
      Radiation from and Accelerated Charge and Principle of Equivalence,
      American Journal of Physics 37, 382 (1969)
    13. G.E. Tauber,
      Massive Vector Meson Interacting with Gravitational Field .i. General Formalism,
      Journal of Mathematical Physics 10, 633 (1969)
    14. G.E. Tauber,
      Expanding Universe in Conformally Flat Coordinates,
      Journal of Mathematical Physics 8, 118 (196)





    1. G.E. Tauber
      Albert Einsteins's Theory of General Relativity
      Crown Publishers, New York, 1979
    2. Errol Gotsman and G.E. Tauber
      From SU (3) to Gravity: Festschrift in Honor of Yuval Ne'eman
      Cambridge University Press, 1985
    3. G.E. Tauber
      Man's View of the Universe: A Pictorial History
      Crown Publishers, New York, 1979
    4. G.E. Tauber
      Relativity: From Einstein to Black Holes (Venture Books)
      Franklin Watts, Inc., 1988
    5. G.E. Tauber
      Man and the Cosmos
      Greenwich House, N.Y., 1979





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