Sackler Prize Symposium: Topological phases in condensed matter

Honoring Recipients of Sackler Prize

09 April 2014, 9:00 
Melamed Auditorium (No. 6), Shenkar Physics Bldg 
Sackler Prize Symposium

Research Field for 2014:

Topological Phases in Condensed Matter


Prize recipients:

  • Prof. B. Andrei Bernevig, Department of Physics, Princeton University
  • Prof. Liang Fu, Department of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Xiao-Liang Qi, Department of Physics, Stanford University


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If you intend to participate, please send an appropriate Email to Nina Wolff at

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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