High Energy Theory Group Meeting: A Membrane Paradigm : The Next to Leading Order Story and instablity

Subhajit Mazumdar, HUJI

07 December 2017, 13:30 
Kaplun Building, Room 319 
High Energy Theory Group Meeting


It has recently been demonstrated that black hole dynamics can be reformulated as the equations of motion of a codimension one membrane (roughly the black hole event horizon). These membrane equations have previously been determined at leading order in the large D expansion. In this talk we implement this `duality' to next order in 1/D and thereby determine the leading corrections to the membrane equations of motion and the metric . Our results obey several consistency checks; in particular upon linearizing our equations about a spherical membrane we reproduce the known quasinormal mode frequencies of large D Schwarschild black holes, including first subleading corrections in 1/D. Our membrane equations ,which admit a static solution in the sphere times black brane manifold, captures the Gregory Laflamme instability with small fluctuations in scaled amplitude and length scale. This result thus identify the ‘black brane’ equations as a special limit of the membrane equations. We would discuss some finite 'D' aspects of the membrane.

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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