Physical Chemistry PhD and MSc Seminars

05 October 2021, 9:30 
Shenkar Building, Melamed Hall 006 
Chemical Physics Seminar

09:30 - Gathering


10.00 - Ms. Gil Nifker

PhD Supervisor: Prof. Yuval Ebenstein 

Single-Molecule Profiling of Chromatin Accessibility


10.45 - Ms. Shiraz Cherf

MSc Supervisor:  Prof. Diana Golodnitzky

Development of 3D Metal-Silicide Anodes

for Lithium-Ion Batteries


11.15 - Mr. Yaron Schlosser

MSc Supervisor:  Prof. Amir Goldbourt

Lithium binding to MgATP: evidence from ssNMR & XRD


11.45 –  Break

12.00 - Ms. Adaya Ben Moshe

MSc Supervisor:  Prof. Yuval Ebenstein

Detection Methods for DNA modifications


12.30 - Mr. Tamir Chernomorcky Assa

MSc Supervisor:  Prof. Emanuel Peled

Preparation and characterization of composite solid electrolytes for Li batteries


13.00 - Mr. Jonathan Berkheim

MSc Supervisor: Dr. Avner Fleischer

Study of Atomic and Molecular Temporal Dynamics using High-Harmonic Generation (HHG) Spectroscopy

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