Experimental Particle Physics

updated: 23.07.2020

One of the giant muon-trigger wheels of the ATLAS detector
One of the giant muon-trigger wheels of the ATLAS detector

Faculty, postdocs, and graduate students in the Department conduct experimental research in central areas in the field of particle physics, including:


  • Physics beyond the Standard Model

    • Searches for new particles at the energy and intensity frontiers

    • Rare decays

    • Precision measurements

  • The structure of the proton and hadronic interactions

  • Development of the next generation of particle detectors


These experiments are performed both at Tel Aviv University and at large international facilities:



Furthermore, our faculty members hold or have recently held leadership positions within these organizations, specifically, working-group conveners, physics coordinator, publications committee chair, and spokesperson. 

Please see specific information in the personal pages of the faculty


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