Particle Physics - Courses

The following are mandatory courses for students in the Department, in addition to courses mandated by the School of Physics & Astronomy. Students whose main area of research is particle-physics theory are strongly encouraged to take Field Theory 1 and 2 in their first year. 

  • Field Theory 1

  • Particle Physics 1

  • Particle Physics 2

  • Field Theory 2 (mandatory only for students focusing on theory research, often taken by experimentalists as well)


In addition, the following courses are offered, not necessarily every year:

  • Advanced Topics in Physics Beyond the Standard Model

  • Supersymmetry and Supergravity

  • String Theory

  • Advanced String Theory

  • Selected Topics: Physics at the LHC

  • Experimental Methods in Particle Physics

  • Selected Topics in Field Theory

  • Paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics

  • Quantum Information

Check the course database to see what courses are currently being given.


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