updated: 29.03.2016

Wise Observatory - Databases

The Wise Observatory maintains an image database of all images observed since the late nineties of the twenty century. All observations until the end of 2013 were backed up on CDs and DVDs in two copies, one at the Wise Observatory's Office at Tel Aviv University and one at the Wise Observatory in Mizpe Ramon. The information from the images headers was extracted and is available online from an ftp site.


The only tool which currently available to search the CDs and DVDs archive is a program called "cdlist" written by Yiftah Lipkin and which is available on the wise-gate computer. See Shai Kaspi for further details.


Since the beginning of 2014 the permanent archive is done on hard disks. One copy of the archive hard disk is at the Wise Observatory in Mizpe Ramon, and two copies of the archive hard disks are at Tel Aviv University. This archive is available for the observers to retrieve their data.

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