Prof. Gil Markovich

ביה"ס לכימיה סגל אקדמי בכיר
Prof. Gil Markovich
Phone: 03-6406985
Fax: 03-6405911


  • Preparation of inorganic, colloidal nanocrystals and studies of their physical properties – noble metals, magnetic metals, various types of oxides, semiconductors

  • Sudies of magnetization dynamics and spin polarized transport in arrays of magnetic nanoparticles

  • Development of transparent electrodes based on metal nanowires, produced by a wet chemical method

  • Studies of nanoscale ferroelectricity

  • Studies of chiroptical effects in inorganic nanocrystals interacting with chiral molecules and enantiomeric and shape control in the growth of nanocrystals with chiral crystal structure


B.Sc., Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, 1988
Ph.D., Tel Aviv university, 1996

Academic Appointments

  • Post-doctoral fellow, University of California, Los-Angeles, 1996-1998

  • Lecturer, School of chemistry, Tel Aviv University, 1998-2003

  • Senior Lecturer, 2003-2008        

  • Associate Professor, 2008-2012       

  • Full Professor, Chair of the School of Chemistry 2012-Present

Awards and Prizes

  • Clore Fellowship, 1993-1996

  • Fulbright Fellowship, 1996-1997

  • Rothschild Fellowship, 1996-1997

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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