Condensed Matter Seminar : The possibility of novel spatial and temporal interaction channels

Asaf Farhi

01 November 2021, 11:00 
Kaplun Building, Flekser Hall 118 
Condensed Matter Seminar



The resolution of optical microscopy in the far field is on the order of the wavelength with several recent advances that utilize fluorophores. Electromagnetic fields interact with atoms and molecules in the far field only via the dipole moment due to the difference between the wavelength and their sizes. Physical systems can scatter and absorb strongly coherent inputs at certain frequencies. Here we show that a setup of a resonant spherical shell can generate the time reversal of the field emitted in an atomic or molecular multipole transition and that this setup exhibits an infinite asymptotic degeneracy of its modes. Then, by treating the quantum current as classical and utilizing time reversal, we consider the possibility that when placing an atom or molecule at the origin, many spatial interaction channels will come into play, which may enable us to resolve atoms and molecules with atomic resolution in the far field. In addition, we present a class of temporal interaction channels at both real and virtual frequencies with experimental results, and suggest a conversion mechanism between them. Finally, we analyze the interaction between electrodynamic fields and vibrations in helical structures, with potential implications in long range interactions between biological structures such as the microtubule and the surrounding molecules and coupling between distant molecules via these structures. If time will allow, we will describe recent efforts to discover a drug for Covid-19 using a free energy calculation method



Event Organizer: Dr. Yohai Bar Sinai

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