Organic Chemistry Seminar

Ms. Fatma Saady & Mr. Mohand Diab & Ms. Kelila Goodman, TAU School of Chemistry

28 September 2022, 13:00 
Ornstein Building, Room 111 
Organic Chemistry Seminar

“Enantioselective Acyl Transfer Catalysis by a Combination of Common Catalytic Motifs and Electrostatic Interactions”

Ms. Fatma Saady , TAU School of Chemistry

MSc Supervisor: Prof. Moshe Portnoy



"One-pot, room-temperature conversion of dinitrogen to ammonium chloride at a main-group element“

Mr. Mohand Diab 

MSc Supervisor: Prof. Roman Dobrovetsky



"Ring-Opening Alternating Copolymerisation of O-Carboxyanhydrides of Lactic and Malic Acid"

Ms. Kelila Goodman 

MSc Supervisor: Prof. Moshe Kol








Event Organizer: Dr. Roman Dobrovetsky

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