Chemical Physics

updated: 30.06.2020

Chemical Physics

Chemical Physics is a branch of chemistry and physics that studies physical-chemical properties and phenomena of chemical systems mainly from the aspect of physics. It uses practical and theoretical research techniques of atomic and molecular scales, with a close relation to quantum mechanics, theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, laser techniques and spectroscopy to investigate energy transfer and acquisition, reactivity of chemical matter, dynamics and feasibility of molecular processes. Relevant scales of matter vary from atoms, small molecules, ions, clusters, macro-molecules up to polymers and surfaces.


Truly, the distinction between Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry is very vague, and very similar studies are carried by both disciplines.




Prof. Amirav Aviv, Prof. Cheshnovsky Ori, Dr. Cohen Guy, Prof. Diamant Haim, Prof. Ebenstein Yuval, Dr. Fleischer Avner, ​Prof. Fleischer Sharly, Dr. Goldbourt Amir, Prof. Hod Oded, Prof. Markovich Gil, Prof. Rabani EranDr. Shlomi Reuveni, Dr. Roichman Yael, Dr. Schwartz Tal, Prof. Selzer Yoram, Prof. Urbakh Michael.



Prof. Bixon Mordechai, Prof. Ben Reuven Abraham, Prof. Cheskis Sergey, ​Prof. Even Uzi, Prof. Jortner Joshua, Prof. Kaldor UziProf. Klafter Joseph (Yossi), Prof. Nitzan Abraham.


Research Fellows:

Dr. Daikhin Leonid, Dr. Eliav Ephaim, Dr. Yurovsky Vladimir.


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