Wise Observatory Circulars Access

The International Astronomical Union Circulars (IAUC) and Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPEC) are free to access from their web sites and their web access to the computer services.


The hundred-or-so most recent IAUCs are available only to subscribers.


The Wise observatory has a subscription and is getting the circulars by e-mail when they are issued. If any member of the Wise Observatory wants the circulars to be forward to him/her please ask to add your to the recipient list.


If any member of the Wise Observatory wants to access recent IAUCs that are password protected, please ask for the username and password.


The Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS) has an electronic version which is free of charge.


Friedel sends periodically the titles of the recent posts to a local user list. If you would like to get the titles please ask to add you to the recipient list.

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